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Quote: "I don't always have to talk about how I feel, I can draw my feelings or write about them.."


When something goes wrong in a child or young person's life, whether or not they are aware of the cause, we believe that being able to talk to a counsellor in a safe and confidential environment enables them to gain some clarity and begin to work things through.


TO INFORM children and young people in order to facilitate a better understanding and expression of their own feelings.

TO ENABLE them to identify appropriate and helpful alternatives for expressing their emotions.

TO FACILITATE them to gain insight and awareness of empathy to establish good family relationships.

Issues which counselling and therapeutic play can support and explore:

Anger and Conflict Management

Emotional & Behavioural Problems

Serious Illness and Health Conditions

School Related Issues and Exclusion

Disorded Eating Issues

Sexual/Physical/Emotional Abuse

Trauma & Related Issues

Family & Domestic Violence

Family Relationships

Sexual & Gender Issues

Issues of Loss, Separation and Bereavement

Our Approach

We offer a combination of integrative, child/young person centred counselling with play therapy.

Experiential play offers alternative ways of expressing feelings and events, enabling young clients to gain a more genuine experience of their situation.

Creative play provides opportunities to explore new ways to communicate and to be themselves.

Individual play therapy is conducted by fully qualified and experienced counsellors, on a one to one basis, in a purpose equipped play environment.

Young clients are enabled to learn different approaches for expressing themselves by using and experiencing some or a combination of the following:








Work with media and game strategies strengthens self-esteem, promotes social skills and assertiveness, and increases personal motivation.

Our service offers a focused approach, usually 10 sessions.

We work with children from age 5, young people and adults. We offer a combination of integrative and child/young person-centred counselling, play therapy, direct work and group therapy.

An essential and integral part of the children's work involves access for parents/prime carers to monthly, structured feedback and ongoing support during our work with the child.


2-CAN is a non-reporting service provider.

In certain circumstances it may be necessary to contact another professional. This will be discussed with the client or carer/parent at the time of assessment.

Information is treated in strictest confidence, with the exception of the following legal obligations and ethical responsibilities for 2-CAN: Drug Trafficking act, Money Launering act, Prevention of Terrorism act, Children act and risk of serious harm to self or others.

Image: pair of Toucan birds, one large, one small, facing each other.

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