2-CAN COUNSELLING LTD. Children & Family Counselling Service - Confidentiality & Ethics

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2-CAN is a non-reporting service provider.

All 2-CAN counselling services are confidential. We do not disclose verbal or written information without client permission and agreement. In rare cases where disclosure may occur without consent if there are stong grounds for belief that safety issues are compromised.

There are legal exceptions to confidentiality under the:
Drug Trafficking act, Money Laundering act, Prevention of Terrorism act, Road Traffic Accident act, Children act.

Record Keeping

2-CAN complies with the Data Protection act of 1998.

Counsellors keep brief, hand written notes on counselling sessions. These confidential notes are stored securely and kept for three years.

Anonymous statistical information is kept electronically and used to promote the value and efficiency of the service. Your views on the service may be sought using a feedback questionaire at the end of counselling.


2-CAN operates an equal oportunities policy, offering counselling regardless of age, beliefs, ethnic origins, gender, means or sexual orientation.

2-CAN works within the ethical framework for good practice as published by British Association for Counselling and Psycotherapy.

All 2-CAN counsellors are professionally qualified and experienced.

As part of good professional practice, and without divulging client identity, counsellors regularly discuss their work with external couselling supervisors who also work within the BACP Ethical Framework.

Image: pair of Toucan birds, one large, one small, facing each other.

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