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2-CAN offers an extensive program of workshops and training opportunities for professionals working with children.

Our aim is to provide accessible, affordable and quality based training which embraces the diversity of each individual's learning, with group imput in co-creating a mutual learning experience.


We offer workshops on a diversity of subjects to support professional development of counsellors and other professionals.

These take the format of experiential learning, and participants will be required to engage and develop within the group format.

Sample of topic:
When someone dies in a young persons life.
Supporting young people with eating disorders.
Parenting issues: Supporting and developing therapeutic skills.
Working creatively with media.

Please contact 2-Can for further information.

Experiential Encounters

We facilitate a monthly experiential group in support of personal and professional development, in an environment which is supportive and safe, congruent, warm and genuine.

The Group works with a pre-agreed initial theme and is open to student and qualified counsellors.

There is a nominal fee per session.

Please contact 2-CAN for further information.

Experiential Weekends

We offer residential experiential weekends, typically Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon in an exclusive and safe rural environment.

Plese contact 2-CAN for further information.

Image: pair of Toucan birds, one large, one small, facing each other.

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