2-CAN COUNSELLING LTD. Children and Family Counselling Service

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2-CAN is based in Leighton Buzzard (Beds/Bucks border) and was set up in 2005 by Kitty Clark to meet the counselling needs of children, young people and adults.

2-CAN counsellors are fully qualified to work with adult clients, and each has an additional post grad qualification for work with children and young people, as well as extensive experience in working in an educational environment with children with behaviour difficulties.

2-CAN counsellors are individual members of the British Association for Couselling and Psycotherapy and are bound by the BACP code of ethics and good practice.

2-CAN counsellors hold Enhanced Level DBS Disclosure Clearance.

Mission Statement

We believe that when clients are provided with the opportunity to gain clarity, to express their confusion and to explore feelings of powerlessness in ways that words alone cannot always achieve, they are offered the opportunity for change and growth.

We offer clients the experience of being heard, respected and accorded the space to simply be.

The focus of our work is to facilitate clients to learn the mastery of their personal destiny, and to lead as full and rewarding a life as their situation allows.

To Contact us:

2-CAN Children and Family Counselling Service
2 The Peppiatts
Leighton Road,
Bedfordshire LU6 2HA

Kitty Clark - Phone 07764308381 - email: kitty@clarks.f9.co.uk

Image: pair of Toucan birds, one large, one small, facing each other.

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