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We belive that offering children an environment in which they feel heard, accepted and safe enhances their opportunity to reach full academic potential.

Offering a counselling services in-school provides optimum accessibility at the point of need, and with it the opportunity for children to explore emotional distress in a safe setting.

Work with media and game strategies strenghens self-esteem, promotes social skills and assertiveness, and increases personal motivation.

Our age range is from 5 years.

Group Therapy for Children

We offer focused in-school group therapy work with the following issues:

Esteem Issues
Disorderd Eating Issues

Groups of 6 to 10 participants run for 6 to 10 weeks.

Please contact 2-CAN for further details.

One to One Counselling for Children and Young People In-School

We offer a service for counselling children in-school during school hours.

All media equipment and materials are supplied by 2-CAN.

Contracts are for a minimum block of 4 clients plus on service hours per week, and limited to term time only.

Pilot schemes for one term are available.

Please contact 2-CAN for further information.

PHSE Programs Delivered In-School

This series of programs enables children and young people to acquire skills for emotional development. Our aim is to provide affordable options which support and extend the school PSHE program offered as one-off workshops or as a themed series.

The workshops are for a maximum of 30 participants with two facilitators attending, dependant on participants' needs and the topic.

Please contact 2-CAN for leaflet and further information.

Image: pair of Toucan birds, one large, one small, facing each other.

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