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Quote: "It's OK to be angry or feel hurt, but it helps to talk to someone about it.."

Individual Child & Young Person Counselling & Play Therapy

A range of services is provided including one-off crisis sessions, fixed term counselling and therapeutic play. This may take the form of individual counselling and/or focused group work.

Please contact 2-CAN for leaflet and further information on this service.

Counselling Services for Parents/Primary Carers

By providing regular, structured feedback and ongoing support to parent/s and primary carers we believe that we can offer a holistic approach which enables recognition and acceptance of the distress experienced by both the child/young person and their family.

Relationship / Couples Counselling

Quote: "security in a relationship lies neither in looking back nor forward, but living in the present.." (Anne Morrow Lindbergh)

We offer a focused approach with a combination of integrative, person centred counselling with experiential media therapy. This
offers alternative ways of expressing feelings and events, enabling couples to gain a more genuine experience of their situation, and provides opportunities to explore new ways of communicating and of being themselves.

Clients participate in shared experiential work in specific sessions in a purpose equipped media environment. This provides an experience which is immediately relevant.

Group Therapy for Children

This provides children with an opportunity to interact with peers who share similar issues, enabling them to explore together through focused direct work.

We are able to offer group work on issues of grief, eating disorders, bullying, self-esteem, domestic violence and anger.

Please contact 2-CAN for leaflet and further information.

Adult Counselling Service

We believe that clients are the experts who will ultimately find their own unique solutions by working and talking their issues through, in a setting which is genuine, warm and respectful.

We offer the possibility for clients to use creative media as part of the counselling experience if they wish.

Please contact 2-CAN for leaflet and further information.

Adult Group Therapy

Group work supports to normalise feelings, to find acceptance, self awareness and new ways of being.

Groups are available for issues of:
Grief and Loss
Esteem Issues
Eating Disorders
Domestic violence & Bullying.

Plese contact 2-CAN for further information.

Programs Delivered In-School

We offer a series of programs which enable children and young people to begin to acquire the skills for emotional development.

The freedom of feeling received, accepted and safe within the peer group enhances opportunities for children to reach their full potential.

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